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Why OSI?



Real Time support staff

Imagine having capable, knowledgeable and loyal staff members working alongside your office in real time but saving over 60% in labor cost and 100% savings in daily operations cost.


24 hours turn around time

OSI clients have the luxury of choosing which work schedule their support staff will work under.  Whether it’s real time or the “night shift” one can always expect the work to be done within 24 hours.  Our clients enjoy the convenience of having their work done while they are sleeping and by the time they wake up the next day the work is already “on their desk”.

Efficient QA on Data Entry

 Having over 16 years of BPO and KPO experience, our staff members are well experienced and undergo additional training under client supervision and specification.  This improves staff work output, quality and quantity.  It’s always a win win situation with OSI.


Lowest rates with optimum turn around time.

 Our main objective everyday is make sure all our clients are successful by producing quality work.  Client success is our success. This has been our mission since day 1.


5 years of KPO and BPO experience in the mortgage industry

Mortgage Industry. – OSI staff members are well experienced and trained to do audits on post closed loans, QA reports, Audit trails, Analytic Reports, Document preps for Underwriter final review and many more complex procedures.


16 years of KPO and BPO experience in the Legal Support Industry

 Legal Industry – Having offices in South Florida and Southern California, our staff members have been the backbone of Service of Process operations and Law Firms alike.  From Data Entry, status reports, Status updates, Returns of Service, Proof of Service to Billing, legal packages, Notice of Action, Notice of Sale, Summary Final Judgment, Final judgment, AOM, and more.



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